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Kourtney Dutton

Interior Design Senior Student

I am a Senior Interior Design Student studying at Oklahoma State University. During my time at Oklahoma State University, I have been exposed to multiple research, mentoring, and design opportunities that have molded me into the designer I am today. My experiences of participating in two different research projects demonstrated the importance of evidence-based design in order to create innovative spaces that adapt to human behavior. I believe mentoring the younger students in the program by being a teaching assistant also shaped me into the designer I am today because I was able to gain more confidence in my leadership skills through the interactions with the students. Within the program, I have been exposed to different project types that have pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me to take a new perspective on each space. Last summer I had the opportunity to work at CallisonRTKL as a Specialty Retails Interior Intern where I was exposed to working on a large 11 million square foot mall including a penguinarium and ski chalet. My experience at CallisonRTKL gave me insight into working on a larger scale and the importance of coordination within a design team. After graduation, I plan to begin my professional career at a commercial design firm in order to put the valuable skills I have acquired at Oklahoma State University into practice.