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Ekaterina V. Korneva (Kate)

Interior Design Senior Student

I came to Oklahoma State University to study Interior Design and as soon as I started the program I was immersed in the variety of design factors that were included within the program; hand drafting/rendering, computer drafting/rendering, 3D modeling, design technology, site visits, club involvement, and more. As I became more involved within the program, I became interested in commercial design and research within the interior design discipline. Through the help and guidance of the OSU DHM faculty, I was able to conduct research on retail environment and the effect of curvilinear and linear interior layouts. By using a variety of design technology like Virtual Reality and rendering software’s, as well as, psychophysiological technologies like fNIR (Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) to measure cognitive load, I was able to collect data from college students navigating through virtual environments. I was then able to present my interior design research at a variety of conferences like CADRE, EDRA, and IDEC. The interior design program not only helped me find my passion in research, but also provided me opportunities to intern at design firms like JCJ, KKT, and Dewberry. Through my research and firm experiences, I decided to pursue the four plus 1 program for Interior Design within the DHM department, and after graduation, I will continue to obtain my master’s degree at OSU, DHM, focusing on Interior Design. Through my graduate studies, I will conduct research on gerontology and develop a thesis on if autonomy can be improved within older adults transitioning into long-term care through virtual reality interventions.